What does your nail appearance say about you health?

What does your nail appearance say about you health?

If you’ve tried for so long to grow your nails and get them looking shiny and strong but failed, then maybe the issues could be internal rather than external. Keep reading for some nail health conditions and what it says about your health.


  1. Dry and brittle nails

If you’ve got dry and brittle nails, meaning they crack or break easily, this is most likely the same reason as dryness of the skin – dehydration and a dry environment. Make sure to drink water constantly, especially during the winter.


  1. White spots on nails

This is a very common health condition and usually harmless so don’t panic. It usually indicates zinc deficiency so make sure to up your protein intake – meats, seafood, dairy products, and nuts.


  1. Rough surface

Rough surfaces of the nails may appear as you age, but they may also appear with nutritional deficiencies in calcium or protein.


  1. Ingrown nails

Ingrown nails can form for a number of reasons – ill-fitting shoes, trimming the nails wrong, or banging your toe on something. Usually, the nail grows out and no medical attention is needed but it’s very important to keep that area very clean and make sure you periodically get them cut by a professional manicurist.


  1. Yellow nails

Yellow nails are relatively common. It could be from a product you’ve been using, such as nail polish, or it could be an infection or reaction to something else. Use our Nourishing Nail Oil regularly as it contains Vitamin E to help, otherwise the new nail should grow out clear. If, however, the yellow persists or increases, we recommend consulting a doctor.


  1. No half moons

Not everyone has visible half moons, it’s possible they’re hidden under the skin, but if they disappeared then this could be a sign of malnutrition or stress. So, you’ve got the perfect excuse to plan a trip to the spa to relax and recharge.

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