Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

It's possible to get the beautiful healthy nails you want! But nails need special care to maintain their strength. Here are a few tips to make sure they grow healthy and strong.

  1. File your nails in one direction

Make sure you file your nails to one direction. Going left and right in each stroke causes the nails to break

  1. Moisturize your nails and cuticles

If your nails are constantly breaking and chipping they might need to be moisturized. This helps protect the nails from breakage and chipping. Try applying Joviality Nourishing Nail Oil every night to your nails and cuticles to moisturize them. The blend of natural oils like sweet almond oil and olive oil is fortified with Vitamin E to boost nails health. 

  1. Limit contact with cleaning agents

Always wear gloves when using dishwashing liquid.

  1. Avoid Acetone based nail polish remover

Acetone can cause nails to become weak and brittle. Switch to acetone-free nail polish remover to reduce breakage.

  1. Never Scrape off your nail polish

This makes the nail surface rough and patchy and strips away the top layer of your nails.

When you start using our Nourishing Nail Oil make sure to take progress pictures before and after for a special discount on your next order!

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