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Joviality Landed in Elgouna!

Your beach beauty essentials just got a natural upgrade ✨ Joviality's newest store, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Red Sea, El Gouna just opened! Our new store is located in the New Marina right next to Malu's Deli so you can grab your suncare & hair care essentials after your morning iced coffee. Click here to get the location on Google Maps.

Step into our sun-kissed sanctuary and explore our latest suncare line, perfect for basking in the Egyptian sunshine. Our Sunguard Sunscreen SPF 30, Sunkissed Tanning Oil SPF 15, and Tropical Glow Shimmering Lotion SPF 15 are your ticket to achieving that coveted golden glow while keeping your skin protected and nourished. Made with a base of premium oils like Argan, Almond, and infused with Blackseed Oil, Wheat germ, Rosehip Oil & Vitamin E. The feel good vibes also radiate with the natural fragrances reminiscent of Egyptian sun-soaked beaches from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. These products promise an indulgent sensory experience that will transport you to paradise every time you hit the beach.

Our formulas are crafted with fine oils that pamper your skin without leaving it sticky. Optimized for the soaring sun, we created light fluid textures for this collection that effortlessly absorb into your skin. Providing advanced protection from the harmful UVA & UVB rays while keeping your beach experience comfortable thanks to the anti-sand technology in the line.

Naturally, our formulae are All Natural, reef-friendly and paraben-free.

Ofcourse you might also have time to pamper your hair with our natural Leave in Conditioners & Hair masks designed to nurture & style wavy & curly hair. Free of silicones & parabens, they are great for natural hair lovers as well as kids! Your hair will thank you for all the TLC you'll give it during beach time. 

Come visit us at Joviality's newest store in El Gouna's New Marina and embark on a sensory journey of self-love and discovery. 

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