What hairbrush should you use?

What hairbrush should you use?

Are you using the right brush for your hair type? Are you using the right brush for the style you want?


Hair is one of the best accessories to making somebody look beautiful. No matter how long, short, curly, straight, thick, thin you always need to be gentle with how you treat it to avoid any damage, breakage, or hair loss. This includes brushing it so it’s important to choose which brush, when to brush, and how to brush wisely. Keep reading for different types of brushing/combs to use on your hair.

1. Detangling Brush

The purpose of this brush is to detangle wet or dry hair without causing breakage. The thinness of the bristles makes the process easier, although it is highly recommended to use this tangle teezer on wet hair only and start with the ends and work your way up to your roots.



2. Paddle Brush

This is an everyday brush. If it’s volume you’re looking for, this isn’t the brush for you. Its main purpose is to tame frizzy hair and add shiny sleekness. It’s also detangles well but use it gently to avoid breakage.


3. Wide-tooth Comb

This is the comb to use when your hair is soaking wet right during or right after the shower. The wide space between each tooth on the comb detangles wet hair without tugging at it, while the bristles of a normal brush could pull the hair causing it to easily fall out.


4. Denman Brush

The denman brush is many curly heads best friends. It’s great for evenly distributing product on the hair, and defining curls.



5. Rattail Comb

This comb is THE tool to own if you’re into trying out different hairstyles. Its long, thin handle that resembles a rat’s tail is great for sectioning the hair for flawless braids, a zigzag hairline, or a perfect centered hairline.

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