How to: Lip Edition

How to: Lip Edition

How to use our new Lip Care Set

Valentine’s Day is dawning upon us and we’re super excited to say the least! Not only will we be getting spoiled, but it’s giving us the perfect excuse to self-pamper. Having soft, hydrated, and plump lips are a must this Valentine’s Day, especially during this cold & dry weather, our lips need more TLC than usual. So Pucker Up ladies because here’s your How To guide to using our new Lip Care Set…

How to use it?

  1. Wet your lips

Wet your lips with a little bit of water to make a wet base for the product.

  1. Scoop out some Lip Scrub

Using your index finger, scoop out some product and apply straight to your lips and spread it out evenly. Make sure you do this on the sink or place a towel on your lap incase some product falls.

  1. Exfoliate your lips

Using the same finger, massage the lip scrub into your lips in a small circular motion to exfoliate the dry skin and get the blood flowing to your lips. This will give you soft, pink, & plumped lips.

  1. Wash it off

Wash your hands and your lips with warm water to ensure no oil from the product remains.

  1. Moisturize your lips

Use the Lip Balm to moisture your lips and lock in the moisture from the Lip Scrub.

We recommend you exfoliate with the Lip Scrub 1-2 times weekly, and moisturize with your Lip Balm everyday whenever you feel your lips needs the boost of hydration! (which is probably all the time)


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