2021 Lip Stick Trends

2021 Lip Stick Trends

Make-up trends change all the time! Here are a few of our favorites that we believe can make your look much better. Some of these trends have been in style for decades, and we love that! Read on for tips on how to make your makeup look pop.

1. The Classic Red

Show off that bold personality of yours with a classic red lip. Everybody rocks this lipstick every once in a while – it definitely never goes out of style!

2. Girly & Glossy

If you’re not in the colored lipstick mood, lip-gloss has made a clear comeback since the 90s. It makes your lips pop while being subtle and classy.

3. Brown Babe

Brown lipstick is a new trend and we’re loving it! You can dress it up or down and the best part is that it works for every season!

4. Nude Knockout

If you like the more neutral & natural looking vibe, nude lips are your go-to. The best part about it is that nude lipstick can come in different shades – depending on which shade you choose will it look like you’re wearing lipstick or not. It’s the perfect lipstick for an everyday look. Be a knockout in nude!

5. Darling Natural

If you’re not into make-up, don’t fret! Lip Balm works just a well. It plumps up the lips, hydrates them, and make them look healthy & juicy. Embrace the natural babe you are!


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