Tips For Switching to Natural Deodorants

Tips For Switching to Natural Deodorants

When you decide to switch to natural deodorant after years of using commercial antiperspirant, you have to understand the phase that your body will go through to adapt to these changes. It might take few days up to a month for your body to adjust, but allowing your body to release toxins is crucial to your health. We provide you with some tips to help you adapt to this change easily. 

1. Be okay with sweating

Sweating is your body way of getting rid of toxins. When you prevent your body from sweating, you’re actually building up toxins inside your body. Sweat itself doesn’t have an odor, it’s the bacteria that builds in the sweat that causes the offensive odor. Natural deodorants have antibacterial components that will kill these bacteria and let your body sweat without odor.

2. Detoxify your armpits

Exfoliate your armpits gently twice a week to remove chemical residues and dead skin caused by antiperspirants.

3. Stay Clean

during your daily shower, make sure that you wash your armpits everyday with natural soap to remove any remaining sweat or old deodorant before applying natural deodorant.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water will replace the fluids that your body loses with sweat, and will help to dilute the chemicals in sweat which are responsible for the bacterial growth that causes offensive sweat odor.


5. Watch what you eat

A big reason for stench, is your body pushing out toxins it received from your diet. While making the switch, avoid pungent food and spices like curries, cumin and garlic. Meanwhile reduce red meat, broccoli, cabbage and overly processed foods which tend to cause more offensive smell of sweat.

6. Wear natural fibers

Natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool are breathable fabrics that will allow airflow for drying out the dampness of sweat. Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester which trap sweat and provide an encouraging warm environment for bacterial growth which causes smells.


7. Give it time

If you have been using antiperspirants, then your body has been building up toxins for long. Once you let your body sweat again, it will release these toxins all at the beginning. At this phase, the deodorant might not be that effective. So ride this phase out until your body adapts and begins to sweat less, with less smelly odor that is easily manageable using natural deodorant.

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