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مجموعة هيالورون بوست - ستارتر كيت

مجموعة هيالورون بوست - ستارتر كيت

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26% OFF نفذت الكمية
مجموعة هيالورون بوست هتساعد على ترطيب شعرك،كل اللي شعرك محتاجه في روتين واحد غني بالهيالورونيك المرطب و بروتين القمح. تركيبة مركزة بقوة الهيالورونيك اسيد للحفاظ على صحة شعرك وترطيبه وتحديد تموجاته الطبيعية

تتكون المجموعة من

هيالورون بوست شامبو طبيعي
هيالورون بوست بلسم طبيعي
هيالورون بوست موس طبيعي مثبت للشعر

طريقة الاستخدام

الخطوة 1: يرج جيدا قبل الإستعمال ضعي الشامبو علي الشعر المبلل ودلكيه علي فروة الرأس ثم اشطفيه بالماء الفاتر. كرري الخطوات عند الحاجة.

الخطوة 2: بعد استخدام الشامبو دلكي البلسم على أطراف الشعر و اتركيه علي الشعر 2-3 دقائق ثم اشطفيه بالماء الفاتر.

الخطوة 3: للشعر الرقيق والناعم، استخدمي كمية مناسبة على الشعر المبلل بعد غسله.
للشعر المتوسط و السميك، استخدمي الموس بعد بلسم جوفياليتي لتصفيف الشعر.


يحفظ في مكان جاف و بارد في درجة حرارة لاتزيد عن 25 درجة مئوية بعيد عن الضوء. أوقفي استخدامه في حالة وجود أي حكه في البشرة.

الشحن و الاسترجاع

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Customer Reviews

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Very Promising!!😍

My hair have been very frizzy for years and nothing seemed to work with it. I used the Hyaluron Boost Starter Kit, and it gave me very promising results. 75% of the frizz was gone, but maybe I didn't apply enough mousse on my hair because the parts where I applied enough mousse were 100% frizz free for several days. Thank you so much for such a lovely product.🥰❤️


I was recommended this collection after doing their hair test and i decided to go with it,
I have been trying out the three products included in this set for the past few weeks and believe me when i tell you, I am impressed!!

It is actually very very effective in making my hair voluminous, clean, shiny, and frizz-free. The very nice smell is the cherry on top.

I highly recommended the three products if your hair is thin and wavy like mine.

Marwa Nagaty
Wonderful Results!!!

I'd like to thank you for the best hair products I've ever tried! The Hyaluron boost set is beyond awesome. My hair is very oily and very fine and I have to wash it every two days, needless to say how fast it loses its volume on the same day I wash it. Of course I couldn't use any conditioner because it won't have any volume from the first moment. The Hyaluron boost set finally solved my problem, it's not making my hair too greasy and it kept its volume for more than 3 days!! It could stay longer.. I am impressed with the shampoo, the conditioner, and the mousse. My curls remained defined even though they're wide, and given that my hair is oily and has never kept its curls. Now I walk around very satisfied and happy with my hair😍 People may think I'm writing to advertise but I meant every word of my review and I recommended it already along with your Grow my brow serum and Strong and Long serum. You've earned my trust and you just gained a loyal customer ❤️❤️❤️

Nada Abdelhafez

I tried this set and I'd really thank you for producing such an effective one, Keep going 💗💗