Discover Your Signature Scent: Which Joviality Girl Are You?

Welcome to the sensual world of Joviality, where every scent tells a story and embraces a unique personality. Whether you're a dreamer, a sweetheart, a romantic, or a purist, Joviality has a scent for you. 

The question is... which scent are you? Read on to find out!

  • Vanilla Dream Scent is a harmonious blend of warm, comforting vanilla and bright, revitalizing orange. The rich, sweet aroma of the vanilla is balanced by the fresh, vibrant scent of the orange, creating a fragrance that is both comforting and uplifting.

    Vanilla Dream Girl is romantic with a twist.  Warm & balanced personality. She's a natural zen master who finds peace and tranquillity in simple pleasures. She's sweet, comforting, and optimistic, with a bright personality that shines just like the warm and comforting vanilla in her scent.

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  • Strawberry Smoothie Scent is a fruity Strawberry infusion with a sweet, juicy aroma. The scent is vibrant & playful with ripe, juicy berries.

    Strawberry Smoothie Girl is the life of the party and a natural-born giver. She's the sweetheart everyone loves, bubbling with a playfulness and youth. She’s the centre of attention and loves it! She has 60 pairs of shoes and never runs out of energy. Her scent is always memorable and her smile is contagious.

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  • Lilac Fantasy Scent is a harmonious blend of soft, delicate florals and earthy musk. Middle notes of Lily of the Valley, raspberry & rose give it a light and airy aroma that is feminine and alluring. Base notes of patchouli, vanilla & Musk add depth and warmth to the scent, leaving a rich seductive aroma.

    Lilac Fantasy Girl is a true dreamer who loves the spotlight and adds a touch of glitter to everything she does. She's a night owl who enjoys staying up late, surrounded by the musky and delicate florals in her scent. Mysterious and moody, this natural charmer is feminine, alluring, and seductive.

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  • Jasmine Bloom scent is a Floral woody, fragrance with hints of honey & citrus. Rich with Jasmine floral aroma with a soft, romantic quality. Irresistibly fresh and sensual.

    Jasmine Bloom Girl is a purist with a healthy lifestyle and a fresh take on beauty. She's soft & irresistible with her delicate vibes. She finds serenity in whipping up a fresh salad or sipping on one of her 8 different types of tea. Her natural scent is alluring, just like the rich and floral aroma of jasmine in her scent.

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Now that you've met each of Joviality's scents and their unique personalities, have you discovered which scent you are?