5 Reasons to Switch to Joviality’s Natural Deodorant now!

5 Reasons to Switch to Joviality’s Natural Deodorant now!
  1. Joviality Natural deodorant is free of toxins, aluminum and harmful chemicals. It means all the ingredients you are putting on your skin are natural. Read the label on your Natural deodorant, you should recognize all the ingredients as substances occurring in nature.

  2.  It does not clog pores and so allows your body to get rid of toxins. Sweating is one of the natural ways through which your body can get rid of harmful substances. Unlike Antiperspirant, which will clog your sweat pores, natural deodorant will allow your body to sweat and get rid of toxins, while keeping you smelling fresh.

  3. Easy to use and apply. Because of it its solid stick form, you'll find it super easy to use and apply.

  4. Smell fresh all day, in your favorite scent. Our deodorant comes in 5 fresh scents for you to pick your favorite; Refreshing Lemongrass, Exotic Ylang Ylang, French Lavender, Cool Peppermint and Tropical Grapefruit.

  5. Autumn is a great time to switch. The mild weather will make the transition to natural deodorant easier, since your body needs some time to adapt. Read our tips on how to make the transition easier https://joviality-eg.com/blogs/switching-to-natural-deodorant/quick-tips-for-switching-to-natural-deodorant

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