The Moisturizer for YOU

The Moisturizer for YOU

If you’re confused as to which moisturizer you should buy, this mini guide could help you choose based on YOUR needs. Whether you’ve got dry skin or rough elbows, or whether you just can’t seem to find the time to moisturize your body. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


  1. The Free-timer

Moisturizer: Body Butter

After a long day, it’s finally time for some YOU time. You’ve got some time to spare to lather on your Body Butter and let your skin enjoy this moisturizing treat after your shower. Our Vanilla Orange Body Butter is enriched with Shea Butter and essential oils to lock in moisture and keep your skin super soft, hydrated, and glowing!


  1. The Skincare Addict

Moisturizer: Body Balm

You’re always in the mood to moisturize your skin, even on the go. That’s why this is the perfect moisturizer for you! It’s a roll-on so no need to worry about getting your hands sticky so, throw this bad boy Body Balm in your purse while you run around the city running your errands. Moisturize on the go and keep your skin hydrated and elbows & knees smooth. Our Vanilla Orange Body Balm is just the moisturizer you need!


  1. The Busy Bee

Moisturizer: Body Lotion

Rushing in the morning to get to work and no time to moisturize? Don’t worry because you left your Body Lotion at the office from the day before. Our Vanilla Orange Body Lotion will moisturize your skin leaving it hydrated and soft, especially during the winter. It’s is super light, creamy, and most importantly fast-absorbing! Use it every day for the best long-term results

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