The Valentine's Day Self-Care Guide

The Valentine's Day Self-Care Guide

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a self-care day is not only needed, it’s necessary! Feel confident, pampered, & fresh just in time for your date this V-Day. Here’s a simple breakdown of this Saturday self-care guide to do the night before your date…


1. Hair Mask it!

Wanna make sure your hair is extra shiny & volumized? Treat yourself to a hair mask to give your hair the boost of nourishment it needs.


2. Wash & Conditioner

Thoroughly wash & conditioner your hair to natural perfection. (& always remember that natural is always better)


3. Exfoliate

Make sure your skin is date-ready. Exfoliate your body in the shower to get rid of the dead skin and leave you with glowing, soft & hydrated skin.


Don’t forget your lips! Exfoliate & moisturize your lips to hydrated perfection as well!



Lather on that lotion after the shower and let the hydrating elements work their magic on your skin! You’ll wake up to moisturized, soft, & beautiful skin!


5. Beauty Sleep

Get your beauty sleep! Sleeping late can give you puffy eyes in the morning, making you look tired & sleepy. So, sleep early to avoid any unwanted puffiness in your eyes.


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