The evolution of Eyebrows

1. 1920's: ‘The Needle Thin’
During the 20s, women didn’t have many rights, but the one thing they could control was their beauty. Over-plucked eyebrows were considered beautiful. Eyebrows would be pencil thin and straight, extending past the outer eye.

2. 1930's Brows: Curved eyebrows
Heavily plucked eyebrows carried on to the 30s but with more of a curve. Curve in the brows added more ‘drama’ to the face.

3. 1940's Brows: Heavier brows
Eyebrows became slightly thicker to give a softer and less sharp look but the slight arch remained.

4.1950's Brows: Strong brows
The 50s introduced ‘the strong brow’ which encouraged dark, slighty thick brows with a high arch.

5.1960's Brows: Drawn eyebrows
Actresses in the 1960s begana unique styling technique for their eyebrows. Women all over the world looked up to these actresses who shaved off their eyebrows and penciled them in short hair-like lines to give a natural look.

6.1970's Brows: Au Naturale
The 70s brought back the natural brow as hippies took flight. Natural & less-plucked eyebrows were the bomb! If you’ve let your eyebrow grow out wild, you were trendy.

7.1980's Brows: The more the better
Thicker and bushy brows were the biggest trend in the 80s. Madonna pretty much started it. The bushier, the better!

8.1990's Brows: Less is more
Overplucked and thin brows were cool. All the major actresses rocked needle-thin eyebrows during the 90s.

The Brow of Today:
The bold brow is back. The thicker, definitely the better. People even avoid plucking completely as the messy eyebrow look is considered beautiful. Check out our Grow My Brow Eyebrow Serum infused with Vitamin E and other essential oils that promote eyebrow growth! (but if history is any indication, it's only a matter of time before the over-plucking trend returns).

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