Nature sweet & tangy secret: Orange Essential Oil

Nature sweet & tangy secret: Orange Essential Oil

It’s winter and oranges are in season!

Which means it’s the perfect time to benefit from Orange Essential Oil. Extracted from Orange peel and packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C in particular, orange essential oil has many benefits for the skin and mood. Get all the benefits with the rich vanilla aroma in our Warm Vanilla Orange skin care products.

Protects from sun damage

    With its remarkable ability to inhibit melanin production, Sweet Orange Oil slows the rate of skin damage experienced from UV light exposure, pollution and toxicity.

    Keeps skin young

      Aging is inevitable, but can definitely be done with grace. Orange essential oil reduces wrinkles, tightens facial pores, and restores skin’s elasticity.

      Removes toxins & Bacteria

      Orange Essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial and one of the most powerful kinds. There’s an element in the peel of an Orange that destroys bacteria and keeps your skin bacteria-free for longer.


      Maintains skin firmness

      Another main benefit of Orange Essential Oil is that it boosts circulation in the skin. Apply on our Warm Vanilla Orange Body Scrub and rub in into your skin in circular motion. The Dead Sea salt in our scrub is rich in minerals and orange essential oil will rejuvenated and firm up the skin.


      Helps prevent dry & chapped lips

      Orange essential oil is also great for skin moisture! It’s no secret that most of us suffer from dry skin & lips in the winter-time which may lead to chapping of the skin or lips. It’s super important to stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the winter to avoid these (very annoying) issues. We recommend you exfoliate & hydrate your lips with our Warm Vanilla Orange Lip Scrub & Lip Balm.


      So, go ahead and Indulge in our Warm Vanilla Orange Collection. Your body will most definitely thank you for it

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