Mother's Day at home

Mother's Day at home

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so let’s make all those mothers out there feel extra special and extra loved whether they’re in the other room, on the other side of the city, or in a completely difference area zone because we wouldn’t be here without them, right?

  • Breakfast in bed

Wake up a half hour early to make your mother her favorite breakfast in bed. Shay b laban and chocolate chip pancakes in bed will definitely make her day!

  • Facetime!!!

Instead of send a message or calling her, try to make some time on Mother’s Day for a video session. Some of us may not have the luxury of being with our Mom’s this Mother’s Day, but a video call will make her feel like there’s no distance at all. Technology today is super user-friendly, so doing this will show her you’re thinking of her.

  • Bake

Sometimes it’s not about buying her presents or spending money to show her you care, but about spending quality time together. The best gift to give is time out of your busy schedule. A good option in doing that is by baking something. Find an easy recipe, prepare the kitchen, and have fun baking with your Mom. (But don’t forget to do all the cleaning afterwards by yourself)

  • Bring the spa home

Pamper your mother this Mother’s Day by setting up a mini spa in her bedroom. It’s super easy and cost-efficient. Fill up a bucket with lukewarm water and add some shower gel to make it foamy. Set aside a mini towel and a moisturizer – you can try our Cool Peppermint Foot Balm – for a foot bath. You could also paint her nails and use a hair mask like our Argan & Shea Hair Mask. The options are endless.

  • Movie Night

Pick a funny movie, make some popcorn, and cuddle until you fall asleep. Enough said.

  • Yoga

Do some mother-daughter yoga to de-stress and relax. Click this link for some easy yoga steps to follow and have fun trying out.

Mother-Daughter Yoga

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