How to use the Dead Sea Salt Scrub

How to use the Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Dead Sea Salt is salt and other minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. It’s super beneficial for the skin for a number of reasons including removing dead skin cells, hydrating the skin, strengthens skin tissue, and improves blood circulation. For amazing results, we recommend exfoliating with the Dead Sea Salt Scrub up to twice a week for the glowing, clean, and soft skin this summer!

It may be slightly confusing how to use this scrub so keep reading for the directions :)

How to use our Dead Sea Salt Scrub

1. Shake the jar well & mix again with finger if necessary

The scrub contains oils which can sometimes fall to the bottom of the jar, so make sure you shake well before each use and if it needs more mixing you can use your finger. The scent smells delicious but try not to eat it haha!

2. Wet your body

Apply water to the part of your body you want to exfoliate to avoid friction and for the mixture to work properly. The best place to scrub is the bathtub so you can get as messy as you want!

3. Massage the scrub onto the skin in circular motions

Take some product on your hand and apply it on the skin and massage so the sea salt can work its magic!

4. A little can go a long way, so use a small amount a time a time

5. Pamper yourself twice a week.

Treat your skin to a pamper session twice a week for shiny skin while sunbathing on the beach this summer!


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