Cold Weather Hair Guide

Feeling like the cold, dry weather is taking a toll on your hair? It’s not all in your head! We often suffer from increased dryness due the harsh winter conditions. We know we said it before, but staying hydrated is crucial! Now make sure you stay consistent with these few tips & tricks to maintaining your healthy, shiny, & vibrant hair

  1. Minimize how often you shampoo

Shampooing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils.  We recommend you limit your hair washes in the winter to a maximum of twice a week. Your hairs natural oils keep your hair healthy & hydrated and without them, your hair will become dry, brittle & dull. When washing, use natural Sulphate & Silicone Free shampoo to clean your hair as these chemicals strip the hair of it’s natural & nourishing oils. Check out our Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Pack here!

  1. Brushing 101 - Easy does it

Brushing your hair too harshly can damage hair strands causing split ends or breakage. In the long run this can weaken your hair and cause hair loss. So, be extra gentle with your hair when brushing & styling it. For more info read our blog on which hairbrush you should be using here!

  1. Keep up with your weekly hydrating hair masks

It’s no secret that hair masks play an important role in giving the hair its hydration & nourishment. Doing a weekly hair mask is recommended for everyone whether to improve hair quality, or just give your hair an extra kick of shine & nutrients. Find out your hair porosity here – and based on that you can find out which of our all natural hair masks is perfect for you here!

  1. Avoid heavy styling creams

Heavy styling creams can often weigh the hair down, leaving it sticky, flat, and hard. We recommend you stick to all natural & lightweight formulas to get that bouncy look while still rockin’ shiny, nourished hair! Try our Leave-in Conditioner on wet hair to give an extra moisture boost to your hair and help style it. If you’re more of an oil gal, try a few drops of our Light Miracle Hair Oil to tame the frizz.


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