Natural Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

Natural deodorants are made of natural ingredients without any harmful substances. Most commercial deodorants are actually antiperspirants. They might sound similar but deodorants and antiperspirants are quite different.

Let's help clear the differences between them. But first the essentials!

Sweating is a healthy process. Your body needs to sweat to release toxins and harmful chemicals that have been absorbed into through your food or environment. Kind of like going to the bathroom. 

Sweat actually has no odor. The bad smell is produced when the proteins and fats in your sweat mix with the bacteria in your skin. So in reality, to protect yourself from body odor, you should be eliminating the smell-causing bacteria.

So what are the differences between natural deodorant and antiperspirant?


Natural Deodorant allows your body to sweat but kills the bacteria on your skin that produces the odor without blocking pores. As a result, toxins are flushed out, keeping your immune system working and your skin smooth. 

Antiperspirant reduces sweating all together by blocking pores. This causes toxins to build up which can harm the body and may result in bumpy skin or irritation over time.


Natural Deodorant contains common natural ingredients such as essential oils (coconut oil, tea-tree oil, lavender oil etc.), baking soda, arrow root powder and Tapioca powder. 

Antiperspirant contains hazardous chemicals such as Aluminum, Pthaletes, Propylene, Glycol, artificial fragrances.


Natural Deodorant is a healthy way to control body odor with no side effects and without altering the body's processes. 

Antiperspirant changes your body functions and contains harmful chemicals which have been linked to many health issues such as breast cancer and kidney diseases. 

If you're thinking of making the switch, don't sweat it -pun intended haha ;)  Here's our guide to making the transition easy.




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