How is Dead Sea Salt Scrub Different?

Dead sea salt joviality scrub

Dead Sea Salt is one of the most powerful and healing ingredients in nature. Known for its therapeutic properties, people have flocked to the Dead Sea for centuries to soak in its majestic water. Unlike other scrubs which can be sugar or coffee based, Joviality's Dead Sea Salt Scrub is rich with minerals that go beyond skin exfoliation and help the body heal, inside out. Along with the sweet almond oil which deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin... Dead Sea Salt has a few unique benefits.

1. The Basic Job: Exfoliation

Massaging your body with dead sea salt in circular motion helps increase the blood circulation to that area, encouraging the release of toxins, the removal of dead cells and promoting the healing of damaged cells. This helps in reducing skin roughness especially around rough areas such as elbow, knees and heels. 

2. Removing and Preventing Ingrown Hair

Dead sea salt gently removes dead cells from the skin surface, unblocking pores of hair follicles to keep your skin soft and promoting healthy straight hair growth... so you can say goodbye to the ingrown hairs.

3. Anti-Ageing 

Dead sea salt has the ability to renew the skin cells. It enhance the skin's ability to retain water and stay moisturized. This is what reduces the appearance of wrinkles, keeping skin soft, hydrated and looking young.

4. Soothing Sore Joints & Muscles

The rich minerals in Dead sea salt get absorbed into the skin to provide relief from joint-swelling, muscle stiffness and soreness. 
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