R&D Specialist APPLY NOW


We are looking for a full time R&D specialist to join our growing innovative team. You will have the chance to work on exciting projects to bring to life new products on shelf. If you have a passion for creating new formulations & belong in the lab... this role is for you!


What you will do:

- Formulate, research, test, stabilize, troubleshoot, validate specifications, and perform other research activities related to organic cosmetics industry.

-Successfully prepare and develop cosmetics, make up, creams, lotion based & hair care formulations

-Run out stability studies for all new formulas and existing ones.

-Coordinate with manufacturers to ensure duplication of lab and local results into large scale manufacturing.

-Search for suppliers for raw materials required for production of current and new products



- Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy

- Detail oriented and highly organized.

- Strong communication and management skills

- Good problem solving and decision-making skills.

- Display a sense of urgency and initiative with creativity and flexibility.


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