Hair Washing Myths: BUSTED

Hair Washing Myths: BUSTED


We’ve all been told some wild stories about what to do or not do to our hair. From the widely believed myth that if you pluck 1 gray hair, 2 grow in its place to when to comb your hair, we’ve heard it all, but we consulted with the experts to get you the real tea on these 6 widely believed myths.


1- You need to wash your hair every day 

If you’re using a gentle sulfate free shampoo, you may be able to get away with using shampoo to cleanse your hair more often than usual during the summer season, but listen to your hair. Most of us will need to wash our hair 2-3 times/week and even less frequently in the winter. You can opt for a co-wash (skipping shampoo and using your favourite conditioner only instead) to prolong the time between each shampoo wash.


2- You should skip conditioner if you have greasy hair

Generally speaking, if you have greasy hair you’re advised to use the least amount of products to avoid weighing down your hair or cause product build-up, but using conditioner isn’t one of those! Oily/greasy hair is usually caused by excess production of sebum as a reaction to dryness. So really oily hair is just thirsty hair – give it love in the form of hydration! One great way to condition your hair without weighing it down if you have thin hair is to reverse your shower routine by conditioning first, then shampooing. You can use our sulfate and silicone free shampoos and conditioner for a gentle cleanse.


3- Never comb your hair dry… or wet?

Okay let’s get this straight once and for all, should you comb your hair wet or dry? The answer is, it depends on your hair type. When your hair is wet, it’s at its most fragile state, which is why many warn against combing your hair when it’s wet. If your hair is straight or just a little wavy, it’ll be better to wait till your hair is dryer and use a product that adds slip to comb it through, but if you have curly hair combing it dry can cause breakage. That’s because curly hair is already more dry due to its composition – so when there’s no water or product for hydration, combing it can be too harsh on it. So to conclude, if you’ve got straight hair, don’t comb it wet but if you have curly hair never detangle when it’s completely dry.


4- Regular hair oiling can clog pores in the scalp


True, but only if used incorrectly. The right way to oil your hair will vary not just  according to you hair type but also depending on the season, humidity level, hair-washing frequency, how harsh your shampoo is and even your diet and monthly cycle! With many factors to consider, sometimes we can get it wrong. To get the most benefit out of your hair oil, first choose the right oil for you according to your hair porosity, second use the right amount for your hair.


5- Tame frizz by wetting your hair

Frizz is caused by dry hair so that should make sense, right? It’s half true. Wetting your hair is the first step to reducing frizz, but you need to top it off with a product that can help tame your frizz and seal the moisture. Our Moisture Bae and Curl Wonder Leave In Conditioners are formulated to help you style your hair and protect it no matter what external factors you’re putting it through – so enjoy your summer activities worry-free.


6- You need to switch shampoos occasionally

This is another myth that has no scientific backing. The molecules in your shampoo that make up the cleansing agent will be absorbed by your hair’s receptors regardless. If your hair type changes, or what you’re looking for in a product changes, then it would make sense to switch up your products. Listen to your body and your hair, it’ll tell you what it needs!

 7- You should only deep condition before cleansing

Deep conditioners can be used in different manners, it all depends on your hair type! If you suffer from dry/damaged hair it's usually advised to deep condition your hair after shampooing. If you have normal/oily hair and you're looking for a  softness boost, we recommend you deep condition first then rinse off with a gentle shampoo. For best results, try to stick with formula's that don't contain Silicones like our Curl Wonder Deep Conditioner.

So now that we’ve busted some of these myths, are you ready to take on the rest of the summer with bomb hair? Shop your all new hair care products here and slay all day.


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