What They Don’t Tell You About Switching to Natural Deodorant

What They Don’t Tell You About Switching to Natural Deodorant
We’ve talked about 7 Reasons to Sweat It Out in our last blog – but what does that have to do with deodorant? To put it simply, anti-perspirants block your pores and stop you from sweating all together while natural deodorants allow you to sweat but simultaneously kill odor-causing bacteria.

Now that we’re all on the same page that natural deodorant is far healthier and safer for your body than anti-perspirants, let’s talk about making the big switch to natural deodorant. The 1-2 week transitional period where your body adjusts itself can breeze by if you do it right. If you are embarking on this journey, here are a few tips that will make it easier.


1. Cleanse & exfoliate diligently

You’ve been using aluminum to block your pores from sweating since you started using deodorants so your body is not used to regulating the toxins coming out. What actually happens is you’ll start detoxifying your body by flushing out more toxins. Don’t be alarmed – this is temporary and totally natural. To speed up the process, deep clean your underarms very well with an anti-bacterial soap and exfoliate regularly. Get your hands on our Dead Sea Salt Soap and cleanse your underarms with it daily before applying your natural deodorant. It kills bacteria and is super  gentle and moisturizing on the skin.

2. Apply deodorant on dry skin

This gives your deodorant maximum effectiveness. Applying natural deodorant on wet skin also changes it’s texture and makes it mushy. This shortens how long you stay fresh and the products overall life-span. We recommend you apply a thin layer of our Charcoal Deodorants or our Natural Deodorants on cleansed and dried skin for maximum effect.

3. Take hot baths/ showers

(even though it’s 30-something degrees outside)

You’ll find that the first week of transitioning your body isn’t flushing out as many toxins because of the aluminum’s residue in your system. Taking hot baths helps open up your pores and allows your skin to flush out the toxins faster – which is an inevitable stage of the switching process.

4. Eat clean and drink lots of water

And last but not least, of course, eating cleaner food and drinking your H2O helps immensely. Just like any equation, whatever you input into your body will be seen in the output. This applies here with the toxins and types of bacteria produced in your underarms. Eating more fruits and vegetables and organic food as opposed to processed food or particularly spicy/pungent food is bound to impact your body’s odor, so give yourself a fair chance by being more mindful of your dietary consumption. 

5. Be patient – it’ll pass!

First things first, brace yourself for 1-2 weeks of smelling… well, different. If you stick to your cleansing and deodorizing regimen, it eases you into your new lifestyle.  Once you’ve committed – don’t go back! We’re excited to have you on-board.


And now that you’re all set, get our new Deotox Kits in Forest Fresh and Sweet Temptation which give you both the soap and deodorant you need to #Cleanse&Refresh the natural way.


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