Switch to Natural Deodorant

Switch to Natural Deodorant

Start your self-care journey, many of us are doing some healthy lifestyle changes. And with spring providing the optimal weather conditions, we believe now is the time to switch from your usual antiperspirant deodorant to natural deodorant and be on the first step to a healthy lifestyle.

Are you considering making the switch? We got your back!

Why Switch?

Natural Deodorant is important for a healthy lifestyle as it enables your body to sweat and flush toxins out of your skin while keeping you smelling great, the natural way! 

What To expect?

Switching to Natural deodorant is a big step for your body. Like any other habit change, your body takes time to adapt to the new routine. If you’ve been using antiperspirants for the majority of your life, then your pores have been blocked. Once you stop using it, your body automatically starts flushing out toxins that have been building up for years!

Once the process of flushing toxins out is complete, your body starts regulating the sweating process and your sweat becomes healthy again – i.e. has no odor and is less frequent. The Natural Deodorant then kills the bacteria in the sweat, ensuring that you stay smelling great.

Usually your body will take a little bit of time to adapt to natural deodorants – possibly up to 3 weeks.

When to Switch?

Spring is the perfect season to make the switch easier.

 it will be much easier to make the switch easy and hassle-free.

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