Benefits of Charcoal

Benefits of Charcoal

The use of Charcoal in beauty products is becoming super popular worldwide, especially in Deodorants. Our newest product is Charcoal Deodorant released in 2 different scents, one sweet and one zesty. Check them out here and keep reading for the benefits of using Natural Charcoal Deodorant:

  1. Draws out toxins from the body

Charcoal is a toxin magnet! This means that it draws toxins out of the body which will then shrink the pores and make them less visible and make it harder for toxins to re-enter.

Fun fact: the only organs in the body that remove any unwanted toxins are the kidneys.

  1. Absorbs moisture

Who wants sweaty armpits? Charcoal absorbs any excess moisture leaving your armpits toxin free and sweat free

  1. Prevents odor

Due to Charcoal being a great absorbent, It also absorbs all the unwanted odor-causing bacteria that hasn’t been properly washed off after the shower. This is why charcoal has become a very popular ingredient in deodorants.

  1. Prevents skin irritation

Charcoal is very gentle on the skin, which is why it works great with any skin type. Due to its ability to remove toxins, it prevents acne, skin irritation, and any other skin condition from building up and forming on the surface of the skin. So basically, Charcoal is every girl’s beauty best friend!

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